Newborn Session        Newborn to 4 weeks        (up to 3 hour Photo shoot)                            £40

Babies need time to settle in for photos and the best dreamy photos happen with a bit of patience. You will have exclusive use of the studio with tea, coffee and juice on free flow throughout your session. Nothing is rushed here it's "Baby time" here.

We have baby changing facilities and bottle warming facilities and somewhere private to feed your little one. We will capture some beautiful memories of your little ones first weeks. 


Watch me Grow package               £90

3 sessions throughout your babies first year with a digital image from each session. You choose the key stages in your babies development throughout their first year, from the first weeks of amazing expressions through to the smiles and giggles of your 6 month old or book in for  their first birthday


Children’s Photo shoot                    (up to 1 hour Photo shoot)                            £30

From natural candid photos to full on staged costume dramas, we've done the lot! Bring your little ones and your not so little ones along for a fun informal shoot in our lovely studios, plenty of props and toys to engage even the shyest child


Family Photo shoot         Currently I am only able to have up to 5 family members         £40

Family photos are such a historic way to capture the moment of who your family are right now.

My sessions are fun although I can do serious if you really really want me to?  


Big families, despite being limited to only 5 family members at the moment, if you are a big family, finding the one time you are all free is a nightmare anyway!

for the price of one family portrait session you can book in separate sittings and I can make an amazing set of framed mounted photos that show you as a family in your own little bubbles 

Pet studio shoot  (up to 1 hour session)        £30           Bunkers Wood with the Pup Paparazzi          £30

Bring your Pooch to our place! or lets go play in the woods